“I’m not trying to fit in-I’m fine with being one of kind”

Surrender all

This life that you lead
Claim to be
“your life”
Embelish it
Sweet Shea caress
Aroma of Victoria
The secret is out

Michael Kors watch
Strapped across your wrist
Armed with a Gucci handbag
Temporary possessions

Forever bound to lust
Earthly materials
vocabulary blurts
Money is thy commander

What of your salvation?
The deed
The son of God
paid in full
Blood shed
Conquered the grave

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Wedding fever- Single Girl Searching

Wedding fever- Single Girl Searching

Church bells ding
Spring flowers bloom
alive at the rays of
birds orchestrated chirp
Like a Disney play
The day that the Lord has made
has arrived
She holds her bouquet of flowers reflection in the mirror

Jane looks beautiful
Oh happy days
Her gown shapes her well
Hour glass figure
Doors swing open
Que the soundtrack
Mr handsome extends his hand
They glide
down the aisle

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#InspiremeWednesday #Queencaz #textcutie #bible #Jesuslovesyou #simples #Adam #Eve 

Romans 5:19 ESV

For as by the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous.

What’s your kinda guy?

What’s your kinda guy?

The FAQ during her single life
Should she be ashamed that she cannot identify that “type of guy”?

Nor put him into words when questioned by stranger
or Friend
Her mind fantasizes of him
But the description can barely escape her lips.

If only it was as easy as
Non cheating,
non lying
forever faithful
I wonder if there is an app for that

Memoirs of a single girl searching

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Happy 1st Sunday of the month #Queencaz #April #fashion #naturalhairdaily 

Dress: Sheinside 
Shoes: #lolashoetique
Jacket: H&M
Ask yourself this and reflect: if God were to give you a medal what would it be for? 

In church we have various categories of soldiers of God’s army do not just sit back and mark your attendance for service on Sundays 

Inspiration from #April #readonebookamonth challenge He is only a Prayer Away by Burton Barr Jr #church #God #Queencaz #ilovetoread #InspiremeThursday

He’s only a Prayer Away

He’s only a Prayer Away

This month’s read is by Burton Barr Jr

A couple of pages in and I am hooked and inspired. The words written help me reflect upon my life, actions and experiences while drawing close to GOD.

As we enter a new month, four months into 2014 how has your relationship with God improved?

Be inspired by some verses in this book:

“In God’s army we have some Good Conduct Soldiers they never miss a roll…

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Know your worth- Memoirs of a single Girl searching

Having been single for quite some time
waiting for the good Lord to bring along
that special someone in her life.

That guy that breaks all barriers
Intelligent, sexy,
Challenging yet charismatic
The Ken to her Barbie
Adam to her Eve before
The tree of knowledge
Heck even the Bobby to her Whitney Minus the toxins

Jane found herself questioning
“Can I be in a relationship?”
Will I be ready when Mr…

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